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September 2015

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Creating a unified, proactive Information Governance strategy in your organization to drive value and reduce risk

Historically, the C-Suite have had a tendency to only prioritize Information Governance when litigation or investigation have shone a light on an unacceptable level of risk, liability and cost.

However, as the majority of highly regulated corporations have now experienced the implications of leaving themselves exposed in such a way, there is now an increasing consensus that managing data in the reactive, siloed ways of the past is no longer acceptable. Challenges surrounding data governance are the most often cited inhibitors preventing investment in key strategic initiatives such as migration to the Cloud, Cyber Security, Mobility and Big Data. Left unaddressed, significant cost savings, additional revenue generation and competitive advantage remain unfulfilled. High profile incidents such as the Target data breach have brought these issues, in particular data privacy, to the forefront of senior leaderships' minds.

There is recognition that a shift towards a proactive, strategic approach to data repositioned as a vital strategic asset to the business will enable informed decision making and drive profitability. As such, the Information Governance Exchange is designed to provide a platform to cherry pick those corporations that recognise the need to reposition their approach to information governance with solution providers capable of defining and successfully navigating this new territory.

To enquire about speaking opportunities at the Information Governance Exchange event, to request your delegate invitation or attend as a solution provider email: or call: +44 (0)20 7368 9484

How is this meeting different to any other event?

  • Attendance is exclusive - Participation is strictly limited to senior information governance executives to facilitate true peer-level networking
  • Strategic conference sessions - The content of the conference program is specifically designed for the seniority of the participants, covering key topics such as data privacy, EDRM and regulatory expectations
  • An itinerary customized to your current business objectives - Exchange participants select conference sessions, BrainWeaves and one-to-one meetings to suit their individual needs
  • One-to-one business meetings – The business meetings provide an exceptional opportunity for event participants to assess the solutions and services that are available to help them achieve their business objectives. For a full list of the solution providers participating please visit our solution provider's page


"The pre-qualification is outstanding; all of the conversations we had were very relevant" Mid-Atlantic Director, OpenText
"Efficient, senior, collaborative" Executive Director, Information Management and Governance, JP Morgan
"To have a captive audience with folks interested in exactly what we are providing is invaluable" Senior Sales Executive, Viewpointe
"It’s spot right on!" Director of Enterprise Sales, Americas, CommVault
"This is my new favorite conference; the quality of presenters is very unique" Microsoft
"The Exchange has been a very valuable opportunity" Director of Business Development, Infobelt
"The conference has exceeded our expectations" Vice President of Sales, Iron Mountain
"I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues" Information Governance Specialist, Mercedes-Benz

2014 Speakers Included

 Janet Heins
Janet Heins
Director, Information Security & Governance
Biogen Inc
 Brian McGovern
Brian McGovern
SVP, Legal Chief Data Officer, Process and Information, AIG Legal Operations Center
 Kurt Wilhelm
Kurt Wilhelm
Director, Information Governance
NBCUniversal Inc.
 Cheryl McKinnon
Cheryl McKinnon
Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals
Forrester Research
 Donna Nemecek
Donna Nemecek
VP, Manager Technology Risk Assurance, Senior Information Risk Officer, Risk & Compliance
BNY Mellon
 Christine Hasiotis
Christine Hasiotis
Senior Counsel, Leader of the GE Legal Support Solutions
Electric Insurance Company
 Mark Risoldi
Mark Risoldi
Head of Information Security
JP Morgan Chase
 Nickolas Savage
Nickolas Savage
Acting ASAC
Federal Bureau of Investigation
 Allison Stanton
Allison Stanton
Director of E-Discovery, FOIA, and Records, Civil Division
US Department of Justice
 Anne Kershaw
Anne Kershaw
Managing Director
Knowledge Strategy Solutions
 Susan Schroeder
Susan Schroeder
Deputy Chief, Department of Enforcement
 Allan Hsu
Allan Hsu
Director of Litigation & eDiscovery
Fannie Mae

Sponsors & Exhibitors
2015 Solution Providers
Rational Enterprise
2014 Sponsors and Exhibitors
Alvarez & Marsal
Iron Mountain
Open Text
Security Risk Advisors
Sherpa Software
The Cadence Group
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Independent Research Partner
2014 Media Partners
Information Governance Initiative
ARMA International
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Legal IT Professionals
Legal IQ
IT GRC Forum

  • Top Investment Priorities for 2014 and BeyondTop Investment Priorities for 2014 and Beyond

    We have surveyed an elite group of information governance decision makers attending the Information Governance Exchange to find out in which solutions and services they are planning to invest in 2014 and beyond. Download this infographic report to access the complete list.

  • What is Information Governance?What is Information Governance?
    Ensuring a proactive rather than reactive approach to information governance hinges on an organizations’ ability to put data at the heart of the business. This video, produced by the Legal Exchange Network, serves to demonstrate the importance of data governance in today’s environment touching on critical strategic issues such as big data, migration to the cloud and enterprise mobility.
  • Ways to Revolutionize Your Presentation Style to Generate More BusinessWays to Revolutionize Your Presentation Style to Generate More Business

    For those who want to improve customer engagement from sponsored sessions at external events or get better results from business meetings they hold with senior decision makers in the legal, information governance and eDiscovery industry, the Legal Exchange Network has put together a video on what practitioners expect from the vendor community.

    The tips in this video are given by our 100% practitioner community, which include senior Legal, Information Governance and eDiscovery experts who attended the Corporate Counsel Exchange and the Information Governance & eDiscovery Exchange.

  • Not All Clouds Are Created Equal
    The move to the cloud has accelerated over the last several years. Drivers for cloud services however have shifted and are no longer storage-centric, but focused on providing competitive agility and business efficiency. As technology modernization and refresh occurs, lines of business are presented with the opportunity to evaluate and improve business processes. Information management and governance are no exception.

    This white paper explores the various cloud services models that are best suited for managing important business information subject to governance, compliance, legal and business requirements.
  • A Guide to the Investment Plans of Legal, Compliance, Intellectual Property, Information Governance and eDiscovery LeadersA Guide to the Investment Plans of Legal, Compliance, Intellectual Property, Information Governance and eDiscovery Leaders

    Over the past year, the Legal Exchange Network has brought together hundreds of General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers, Heads of Intellectual Property, Information Governance and eDiscovery from leading corporations worldwide. The aim has been to delve into their greatest hurdles and discover their key investment priorities in order to assist them in identifying new services and solutions to overcome their current challenges. This Guide will give you unrivalled insight into the investment priorities of Legal, Compliance, Intellectual Property, Information Governance and eDiscovery decision makers in 2014 and beyond, and we hope that you find this both informative and useful when considering your strategies.

  • The Information Governance Pre-Event ReportThe Information Governance Pre-Event Report
    In advance of the Information Governance Exchange, September 3 – 5, 2014, the Legal Exchange Network has gathered together research from the past 12 months to share insights into the current projects, challenges and investment priorities of our network. Read on to discover what is keeping General Counsel, CISOs, Heads of Legal IT, Information Governance, Compliance, Privacy and Litigation departments up at night.